Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reese @ 5 months!

Reese was 5 months old on Monday. She is doing great! She is sitting up better & better. She and Davis are starting to have more fun together. She sure loves to watch him! She is on a new 4 hour schedule & is doing great. We are going to start baby cereal this weekend. She's growing up so fast. We love our little Reesie!


Mary said...

She is just beautiful!! If she's close to sitting up she's beating my kids by A LONG SHOT! Mine didn't sit up until like 8 months...they are behind on everything. Isn't it fun once the older one notices the baby? It has been great for the last 5-6 months around here. Until about two weeks ago when she started stealing his toys and now it's WW3.

The Seymore's said...

So precious! She is getting so big. I know that you are a terrific Mommy to both Reese & shows in the happiness in the pictures you take!

Michelle said...

I love the new pics. Thanks for answering my questions yesterday. Be sure to post that Movers shirt! I know Brody would LOVE one!