Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Girl Update

I went to the Dr. yesterday. I was 31 weeks on Tuesday. He has been a little concerned about me delivering early again. Davis delivered a month early @ 36 weeks. He says if this little girl come that soon, she should be fine, but he doesn't want her trying to come any earlier! So we have been doing special testing to see it I might be at risk for preterm labor. So far, so good! I do not have the results for this test back yet, but he wants to do the test again in 2 weeks. I was dilated about 1 cm at 28 weeks and I'm already thinning a little, so he's being very cautious. I'm glad! If it's anything like when Davis was ready, there will be no warning signs. I woke up in the middle of the night an was in labor. Just like that. No Braxton Hicks, or pre labor signs. And silly me, tried to think of every other possibility it could be besides true labor. That's why I waited almost 20 hours to go to the hospital! I go back in 2 weeks and I'll have another update then!
Oh yeah, I had him double check to make sure it's still a girl!!!! :) I guess I still can't believe we're really having a baby girl.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The First Cut!

Finally, I had to give in and take Davis for his first haircut. I took Davis today to his Aunt Peppy (actually my Aunt Peggy). She did such a good job and Davis did pretty good too. She didn't cut too much, which made mommy very happy. Just enough to get rid of the mad scientist look. He was a little scared of the big chair so he sat in my lap. As long as he was eating crackers he seemed to be OK. He got upset a few times from looking into the mirror, but nothing too dramatic. I know it's not much of a change, but we can always cut again. He looks so handsome. Here are a few pictures. I have more pictures of the actual cutting on mom's camera that I will post later. So, here's my little boy's cute new do!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jaxon's Sleepover

My 5 year old nephew Jaxon was supposed to sleep over at our house last night. We had been planning a sleepover for a while and since school is starting next week (Kindergarten), we decided to do it this weekend. It was pretty fun! We went to Pizza Inn in Midlothian to eat & then we came back to the house and had dessert (cereal straws). We played outside for the rest of the night & the 3 neighborhood cats that kept him busy for most of the time. He also found our resident toad in his usual spot. Jaxon loved it! At about 9 we went in to get ready for bed, and that's when Jaxon decided he would rather not stay for the "whole" night. So at 9:15 we were in the car on the way to Nana's house. He said, "I just like sleeping at Nana's house better," so that's where Jaxon slept for our sleepover!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Nursery!

We finally set up the new baby bed. It's unreal that we have two bedrooms in the house that are nurseries! Davis is not quite ready to move into a big boy bed, so we just went ahead and got another crib. Thank goodness they both convert to toddler beds, so we can use them much longer! I think that seeing the bed up is helping me to realize that our baby girl is coming soon. David jokes that we don't want to finish this nursery too soon, because I went into labor at 4 am the night we finished Davis' nursery! So we may take our time on this one!!! Here are a few pictures of the progress we've made. Davis has been a big help with putting the bed together & testing it out for us. He sure thinks all of this is fun now!!!! I hope he still thinks that when this little girl get here!

Baby Girl's Sprinkle

So sorry it's taken so long to update my blog!!! I don't have a good excuse why I haven't.
This Saturday I had a "Sprinkle" in honor of our upcoming baby girl. If you've never heard of a sprinkle, it's a light shower! Instead of a full on baby shower, it's just a light rain, hence the name, "sprinkle"! No registering or big items this time, since I just went through all of this less than 2 years ago. It was a lot of fun. I got a lot of adorable baby girl things. Mostly clothes, blankets and accessories! It was so unreal to see all of those girlie things and know that they were for me. I still don't think it's fully set in that we are having a little girl. It's what I've always wanted. A little boy to be the big brother, and a sweet little sister for him! We are so excited. I will post some pictures of how the nursery is coming along later.

Thanks to all that helped make my sprinkle so special! I appreciate all the goodies & I know Baby girl Wright will too!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

How to keep Cool!

I guess Davis has figured out how to keep cool on these hot summer days! It's a pretty good idea. This heat is killing me!!!! I know everyone is hot, but I think this pregnancy makes me Triple hot. And I don't mean good lookin! I'm not sure why being pregnant has that effect, but it does. I can't stand to even walk through a parking lot from the car to the store right now. I usually love the summer and typically don't mind the sun at all. This summer, I'm ready to call it quits. I'm ready for Fall!!!! Bring it on. Anyway, if things stay the way they have been, I'll probably be trying Davis' idea. Feel free to try it yourself as well. In your own fridge, of course!